Beijing Henan Plaza Hotel has different styles of restaurants, in which you can find your favorite with abundant foods collection of different flavors from all over China. The magnificent Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant and luxurious Banquet Hall, all ensure you to enjoy delicious foods in the comfortable atmosphere.

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall on the 2nd floor is decorated in the luxurious style with modern video and audio equipments, 10M broadband access and wireless network access, which is suitable for different types of banquets, Chinese and Western buffets, and various meetings for 60-160 persons.

Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant

Traditional Henan cuisine is the main supply in the reataurant where you can enjoy hundreds of authentic classical Henan dishes.

Location: on the 2nd floor

Business Hour: 11:30-14:30;17:30-21:30

Booking Tel: 8808

Pu Ti Shu

Drinking a cup of tea in Buddhist melody music Experiencing peace and harmoney in your heart and soul In this Peaceful Wonderland!

Main Dishes: Chinese tea, flower herbal tea, Healthy Set Meal, coffee, fruit juice and kinds of tasty desserts.

Business Hour: 10:00—01:00 next day

Tel: 8822

Private Room

Renovated and re-decorated in quite different styles, 13 Deluxe Private Rooms are all graceful and comfortable, in which you can enjoy happiness and relaxation with your families and friends heartily while tasting delicious foods and experiencing our considerate service.

porch restaurant

Gold 樂 軒 restaurant mainly serves guangdong cuisine, and expensive restaurant cook the top of the guangdong cuisine and dietary experts. with fashion, energy, health, good quality of the brand and perfect services and the international market. the restaurant has established within the 11 of the private rooms, from up to the management of hong kong professionals the monitoring, all the advanced equipment and design for the successful people from business exchanges of the field. the restaurant by its geographical position and who

Gold louisa cafe

The elegant and private environment of this café which makes it becomes the best place for meeting friends or just being relax. The delicate and delicious Western and Chinese snacks, coffee, tea are served in this Café.

Business Hour:09:00-24:00


Codfish and Slim Noodles

A blend of codfish with sweet and sour sauce and slim noodles is renowned for its exquisite combination of two dishes, which comes from a 100-year-old myth of “dragon meat first, dragon beard next”.

Vegetarian Bird's Nest With Peony

Legend has it that during the years of Tangwu Empress, a huge white radish was found and regarded as a rarity. It was sent to the Empress as a tribute. The imperial chefs were ordered to cook the radish. After tasting the delicious dish, the Empress was so impressed that vegetarian bird's nests was then given by the Empress for its shape of shredded Bird’s Nest.

In 1973, Premier Zhou Enlai accompanied Canadian Premier Trudeau to pay a visit to Luoyang. They were treated with this dish and gave high remarks to the dish. Traditionally this dish was the first course in the soup banquet, renowned for its sour and spicy flavor.

Bird's Nest, Abalone and Shark's Fin

Classic and authentic Shark's Fin, Abalone and Bird's Nest are elaborately prepared for your business and entertainment requirement. Various delicious local snacks and dishes with unique flavours are complimentary for your free choice.

Braised Sea Cucumber

Liao Sea Cucumber, with its rich protein, can invigorate kidney to arrest spontaneous emission and nourish the blood to moisture lung. It is also a great diet therapy for hypothyroid patients. The sea cucumber, with straight thorns and crisp flesh, is cooked elaborately by our chef in special cuisine with select raw materials. After soaked into broth, it has a unique flavor and superb taste with specially-made abalone sauce. It is mouth-watering nutritious dish.

Dainty Desserts

Various kinds of tasty desserts are elaborately prepared for you to enjoy heartily in an easy and romantic atmosphere: the Pumpkin & Walnut Pie, strong in flavor and crisp in taste; the Durian & Green Tea Mousse, bright in color and cool & smooth in taste; and the hot Chocolate Cake, mellow in flavor while sweet and soft in taste. All of these dainty desserts, both eye-catching and mouth-watering, will surely hold your steps.